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If you are thinking your child may have autism, you’re not alone. Many parents may wonder as their child develops if theirs is on the spectrum, since so many children are. It’s helpful to know the signs of autism in kids so you can seek treatment if necessary. In addition, if you do recognize the signs of autism in your child, then you may benefit from parental services for autism. Through education and training, you can learn the best ways to treat your child’s autism. Let’s look a bit closer at autism and its signs.

What is Autism?

According to Autism Speaks, a simple definition of this condition is as follows:

“Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication.”

The other important factor to keep in mind about autism is that it is on a spectrum. That means the symptoms and severity may range from severe to mild.

Stats and Facts About Autism

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that approximately 1 in 54 children have an autism disorder. Additionally, more four times more boys get the disorder than girls. In 2000, only 1 in 150 children were diagnosed with the disorder, but this could be due to less reporting or understanding then.

Signs Of Autism In Kids

Most parents recognize that something is different with their child by the time they are 24 months. Children, at that age, are either not gaining the skills typical for that age, have unusual behavioral “quirks,” or have lost skills they once had. Signs and symptoms can be classified in the following categories:

Social skills

Kids struggle with relating to other people and understanding how other people feel. Attending a treatment social skills for autism treatment program will help your child enhance their ability.


Some children are unable to communicate at all, while others do so inappropriately. Other kids have a monotone voice when communicating.

Unusual interests or behavior

If you’re recognizing signs of autism in kids, something that you may notice is that the child has one main interest that they obsess over. They may learn a lot about that one item and want to only talk about that with others.

Additional symptoms

Kids on the spectrum usually have accompanying symptoms with autism. Some of these may include ADHD, anxiety, fearfulness or lack of fear, lack of emotional regulation, impulsive, unusual reactions to things, and more.

By working with a therapist who will provide targeted intervention for autism, your child is sure to proceed in life with more success.

Reach Out For Autism Help Today

Get in touch with an autism spectrum disorder treatment program to find out how they may help your child today. Through a therapy program, your child will make substantial gains in their development.

Therapy programs will also provide much-needed assistance to parents dealing with their children. At a reputable autism treatment center, you can expect to find resources to assist in the learning process. Some of these programs offered include:

  • Autism education program — this shows parents what autism is all about. It will explain the symptoms further so you can understand the extent of the spectrum.
  • Parent autism training program — this treatment advises parents on strategies they can use at home with their child.
  • Food and nutrition program — parents learn the proper food and nutrition to help their child feel healthier and flourish.

Don’t let an autism diagnosis interfere with your family life. Now that you know more about the signs of autism in kids, reach out to a qualified autism spectrum disorder center for help today.